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Taci Rezart

Taçi Rezart was born in Albania on 6th Junt 1971.
Since 2002, he is CEO of Taci Oil International.
Taci Oil International has been operating in the local market for over 7 years , leading the oil market with a share over 50%. Its Storage capacity reaches 37.000m3, placed in two strategic locations near the Adriatic coast. Its strategy consists in developing the domestic and export market, creating a network of major suppliers and reducing the supply through second wholesalers, in order to provide services to the main domestic and foreign consumers/ users. This activity is carried out through an active sale promotion and an efficient marketing strategy.
The company’s mission is aimed at reaching the final consumer, through vertical integration through the development of the retail network. This allows the improvement of the overall quality of the business and service to the client/ user.
Mr Rezart is also CEO of KUID Sh.p.k. , which operates through 76 retail stations all over Albania. KUID Sh.p.k plays an important role as a leader in this market.
He is also shareholder of ANIKA ENTERPRISES S.A., a Swiss company, operating as trading company of Taci Oil and Armo Sh.a. for the supply of crude oil and oil-based products. With its presence in the market for more than 7 years, this company answers to all the international standards in terms of efficiency, quality of service and reputation in the overall trading companies in Geneva and Albania.
Mr Rezart is Ceo of ARMO Sh.a., an important representative of the Albanian oil industry.
ARMO is the only refinery in Albania that owns the rights in refining crude oil. Moreover it owns the rights for distribution, marketing and trade of all kinds of sub-products of oil and gas.
ARMO satisfies the demand for almost 50% of oil products in the country, as well as a part of the demand in the Balkans region such as Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Its facilities consist of:
-Two refineries, one in Ballsh (Deep Oil Refining Unit) and one in Fier (Oil Refining Unit),
- Thermo power plant in Fier (TEC Ballsh),
- Scientific centre in Kucova,
- Import-export branch in Vlora
- Three Distribution Entities , more specifically in Durres, Shkoder and Fier.
Currently 1506 employees work in this company.
In the period 1991-1997, he attended the Mechanical Engineering and Law Faculty in Italy.


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